The Revelation to John (New American Standard Bible)

The last book of the Bible, The Revelation to John, probably is the most difficult book in the Bible to understand. There are physical events like plagues, horsemen, trumpets, and bowls that are discussed. There is "a relationship celebration" uniquely reserved for the tribes of the nation of Isreal. The old earth and old heaven are passed away and replaced by a new heaven and earth.

But if you read the book carefully, the spiritual side of a person comes to light. These people are noted as "overcomers". They are referred to in the discussion of the 7 churches (Chapters 2 & 3).

But amazingly, these overcomers are welcomed to share in the eternal life granted by God and His Son, Jesus the Christ. Anyone (NE1) who is not an overcomer is consigned to the Lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death (Revelation 21:6-8).

The spiritual side really is the true "Revelation of Jesus Christ" in each of us who are overcomers.