16:17And the seventh angel poured out his bowl upon the air; and a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, "It is done."

And the SEVENTH ANGEL poured out his BOWL upon the air;

Previously, water was turned to blood (verses 3 and 4) and the sun scorched the earth with intense heat (verse 8). Now the last necessity for life, AIR, is under judgment. Since air totally surrounds the earth, this judgment affects the entire earth. Amazingly, the effects on the AIR itself are not recorded. This leads some scholars to say this is wholly symbolic of the final spiritual attack on evil. This bowl certainly does attack Satan in his power base (Ephesians 2:1-3).

On the other hand, there are tremendous physical consequences as we will see in the next verse. There is no doubt that the whole earth is in this judgment, both physically and spiritually.

and a loud voice came out of the TEMPLE from the THRONE, saying, "IT IS DONE."

This loud voice is proclaiming completion of the "mystery of God" in the 7th trumpet (Revelation 10:7). That the loud voice comes from the THRONE (righteousness of God) in the TEMPLE (holiness of God) indicates this is the voice of God. It is the same voice we find in Revelation 21:6.

Interesting to note that the TEMPLE is involved in each of the "7th" judgments: 7th seal (Revelation 8:3), 7th trumpet (Revelation 11:19), and this verse. This supports the view that all these "7th" judgments are different views of the same event. Inasmuch, the 7th seal contains the 7th trumpet which contains the 7th bowl, one can accept this argument.

This is the second of three "completions". The first "completion" was uttered by Christ (John 19:28-30), and it completes the redemption of mankind from sin. This verse's "completion" finishes the redemption of the old earth from the sin curse (Genesis 3). The final "completion" (Revelation 21:6) completes the Revelation vision with the establishment of a new heaven and new earth.