16:10 And the fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the throne of the beast; and his kingdom became darkened; and they gnawed their tongues because of pain,

And the FIFTH ANGEL poured out his bowl upon the throne of the BEAST;

As you may recall, this throne was acquired from the DRAGON (Revelation 13:2). It appears as though the effects of this bowl's judgments spread outward throughout the all of the BEAST's kingdom (Matthew 4:1-11). Scholars have differing views as to how large this kingdom is. The views range among localized around Babylon (verse 19), the nations "visible" from the high mountain in the wilderness (Matthew 4:8-11), or the whole world.

There is one truth that is clear: God knows where this throne is (Revelation 2:13).


  1. his KINGDOM became DARKENED; and

    Check out the Old Testament version of this bowl judgment (Exodus 10:21-23). Note how movement is restricted for three days ... quite a challenge for our present day, very mobile society. This doesn't mean that this judgment is over in three days. A time span is not given for any of these bowl judgments.

    Prophetically, DARKNESS is a destination for the enemies of God (Nahum 1:2-8). DARKNESS is located near the valley of decision (Joel 3:9-14-16). In the previous verse, those remaining on this earth after the fourth bowl had made a decision to NOT REPENT!

  2. they gnawed their tongues because of pain,

    How appropriate the very tongue that blasphemes God (next verse) gets the "chewing out".

    Science is just now beginning to understand how darkness runs down the physical body. Your strongest sense, sight, is useless, and the body becomes worn out trying to catch the dimmest ray of light. This takes its toll emotionally too.