Practical Christionics

Where is the United States of America?

        Revelation 16:12 indicates that the Euphrates River is dried up to permit a road for the "kings from the east".
   As I studied the Revelation, I wondered why there is no mention of a counterattack from the "kings from the west". In fact, I wondered why the west is not mentioned at all throughout the Revelation. Since the Revelation of Jesus Christ is a book written with Israel as the focal point, the "kings from the east" are the countries to the east of Israel. The majority of those countries are Arabic or Oriental countries. And they have a reason why they are going to come on the road through the dried up Euphrates River (Revelation 16:12). Much of Revelation is written to explain that reason.
   But, why, if the Revelation is such a prophetic book, is there no mention of the "kings of the west"? While we don't know for sure, but it could be that there are no "kings of the west" left. If the economies of the western countries haven't already collapsed by the time the judgments of the Revelation (Chapters 6-16) have taken place, the judgments most likely will cause them to collapse. It is a given that it is very difficult for a country to help its citizens to recover from natural disasters (see Topical Revelation on left sidebar) when it has no funds available.
   Or another scenario may be that the "kings from the west" have established an alliance with the "kings from the east". This does not have to be a political alliance but rather could be an economic alliance (voluntary or imposed because the 'kings from the east' own a lot of the debt of the 'kings from the west'.)
   Or God may have a totally different plan in mind. His way of thinking is not like the way humans think! Furthermore, Israel is His chosen people; they have been, are now, and will be during the judgment times (Jeremiah 11-12). The spiritual implications of the 'kings from the west' moving away from supporting Israel are another discussion for another time.