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   16       Never again will they hunger;
             never again will they thirst.
             The sun will not beat upon them,
             nor any scorching heat.
    Never again will they hunger;
    never again will they thirst.
These tribulation martyrs must have gone hungry often and had their water supply cut off. Either they were living in very isolated or barren places, or they may not have been able to buy any food, Revelation 13:17. What a slow torturous way to die!
    The sun will not beat down upon them
    nor any scorching heat.
If Revelation is not necessarily a chronological book, then Revelation 16:8-9, the 4th bowl, may have affected them too. This scorching was not selective. The believers who were there experienced it too. To some of these, not to be thirsty or have the sun scorching down on them was real relief.

This verse fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah 49:8-13.

Incidently, if one reads Matthew 25:31-40 as the 1000 year reign, there will be righteous people who helped "one of these brothers of Mine' who are rewarded even to the least one of them.

Lastly, real satisfaction comes after being really hungry or thirsty after righteousness, Matthew 5:6. How hungry or thirsty are you after righteousness? Perhaps, your "satisfaction" isn't complete. Recall where this part of the vision is taking place. It is before the Lamb who gives you and me that perfect thirst quenching drink, John 4:7-15.

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