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   15 That is why they are in front of the throne of God.
            They serve him day and night in his temple.
                The one who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them.

    That is why they are in front of the THRONE of GOD.
What is the reason? In the previous verse, these are the ones who came out of the GREAT TRIBULATION (includes saved Gentile martyrs and the 144,000 sealed Jews, for certain) and washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb.
    They serve HIM day and night in HIS temple.
They show a singleness of purpose: TO SERVE GOD!

`Day and night' means continually like the four living creatures do in Revelation 4:8 . That there is day and night at this time of John's vision indicates that the first heaven (Genesis 1:6-8) and the first earth have not passed away yet, Revelation 21:1 . Symbolicly, this matches with Christ's prayer that we are in Him and He in us, John 17:20-26 , and His teaching that as a vine we abide in unity, John 15:1-8 . Then we, as believers, being His temple right now, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 , also should have this same singleness of purpose: TO SERVE GOD!

The result of SERVING GOD:

  1. Protection - this verse
  2. - next verse
  3. Guidance - verse 17
  4. Comfort - verse 17

These are all things they did not have during the GREAT TRIBULATION! Luke 9:23-27 is fulfilled.
    The one who sits on THE THRONE will spread his tent over them.

    This is so typical GOD - He did the same with His shekinah presence on the Old Testament:

    • Exodus 40:34-38 - The people journied with God's protective cloud.
    • 1 Kings 8:1-11 - The ark is brought into the new temple Solomon built. The cloud of God, the glory of God, is overpowering.
    • Ezekiel 10:1-4-5, 18-19 - Vision of heavenly THRONE with cherubim (4 living creatures) and the glory-of-God cloud again.

    Later on Jesus himself defined the TRUE LIGHT in John 1:9-14 . And we get to partake of it! AMEN.

NEVER AGAIN will these people go without the protection of God! HALLELUJAH!
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