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7 One of the four living creatures gave seven gold bowls full of the anger of God, who lives forever and ever, to the seven angels.
    One of the four living creatures gave seven GOLD BOWLS

These are the four living creatures who are introduced in Revelation 4:6,7 and are active in the pronouncement of the seal judgments (Revelation 6:1-8).

Creation has been waiting for the judgments starting by this mixing of the ANGER of GOD with the plagues (Romans 8:19-21).

GOLD denotes diety which ties it directly to the ANGER of GOD. The bowls also were bronze utensils used in temple worship of this God (Exodus 27:1-3-8 and Amos 6:1-6-7).

Contrast these bowls with the ones in Revelation 5:8.

    full of the ANGER OF GOD, who lives forever and ever, to the seven angels.

We have no concept of the full ANGER of GOD because we know Him as a God of LOVE. This ANGER may be 7 different kinds of ANGER or, more likely, the FULL ANGER OF GOD is mixed in with each of the plagues the seven angels are carrying (previous verse).

"forever and ever" is a given for God. This implies that the ANGER of GOD existed before the creation of this earth. What is hard for us humans to grasp is how the TOTAL LOVE and FULL ANGER of GOD has coexisted within God "forever and ever". It is one of the deep mysteries of GOD.
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