As we leave this year behind, we should leave this year on a positive note. The same key verse, Revelation 19:11 still applies to our discussion. The last discussion, Faith-empty, was the negative view to this verse.

The rider on the white horse is named Faithful and True. Everyone on earth struggles with being 'faithful'. Couple relationships are dashed because one or the other (or both) have been unfaithful to each other. So too, in the spiritual realm, our relationship with Jesus Christ is a couple relationship.
Each of us determines if we will have a couple relationship with Jesus Christ. If you make the commitment to have this couple relationship, then you are the Bride that Revelation 19:1-10 talks about. This is an everlasting relationship transcending the removal of the old earth and heaven (Revelation 21:1) and continues on into the new Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2).

The positive side of this couple relationship is found in Psalm 31:23-24. Because the rider in Revelation 19:11 is FAITHFUL and if you as the other partner  truly 'LOVE the LORD' and are FAITHFUL to Him, the Lord will protect you. Can you imagine having the One who made everything, having the One who has all Authority in heavan and earth, and having this One as your Husband? He certainly can take care of you. No matter what the economy, bosses, neighbors, or even the devil himself may do to you, you will be protected now and forever by your Husband. So,
   Be strong,
   and let your heart take courage,
   All you who hope in the Lord (your FAITHFUL husband).

The new year will be challenging for many as the global recession really begins to take hold; as many organized churches will lose sight of why they exist; and as many will experience oppression as they have never experienced it before.


You are part of a FAITHFUL couple relationship.